Have you ever heard of the power of suggestion? The power of suggestion is defined as the process by which a physical or mental state is influenced by a thought or idea.

Think of it as an opportunity to educate your customers and help them discover new products they might want or need.

Yes, this is a tactic for you to increase your sales – but it is also an opportunity for you to meet the needs of your client. When you use the power of suggestion authentically, it will naturally boost customer satisfaction, resulting in returning clientele.

How can you increase your units per transaction (UPT)? By carrying an array of Whatzupwiththat?® Bearwear and Parkdale Noveltyaccessories that pair perfectly with your Embroider Buddy® plush toys.

Cuddle Pals

Most of your favourite Buddies have miniature 9” companions that are a sweet accessory to their 16” counterpart. When displayed side by side, they become an irresistible duo. They can also sport a tee or hoodie that you can embroider or have us imprint for you!

Our top selling Pals are Gerry Giraffe, Elford Elephantand Horatio Husky. Suggest to customers that if they’re buying a Buddy for a child that they pair it with a Cuddle Pal so the little one can bring a travel-sized friend when they’re out and about!

Sleepyhead Bear

Many children grow-up sleeping with their favourite bear or blanket that they will love until its worn and tattered. Our Sleepyhead Bear is the perfect product for this job with a cozy blanket fastened to a plush teddy. The square blankey has ample room for personalized embroidery, and looks great with monograms, initials or full names.

Giving an Embroider Buddy® with birth information is always a popular and thoughtful baby gift. Using the power of suggestion, have customers consider pairing their Buddy with a Sleepyhead Bear. They are available in both blue and pink and are the perfect size for little ones to cuddle at bedtime for years to come.

Let Your Buddies Do the Selling

Dress up some of your display Embroider Buddies with Whatzupwiththat!® Bearwear accessories  to give customers ideas to increase the basket size of their purchase. Bearwear accessories fit most Buddies and make precious customized gifts for graduates, dancers, health care professionals, chefs and more!

Morris Benjamin Bear from Parkdale Novelty is a must-have for any retailer. Morris is a classic teddy bear that fits everyitem of Bearwear from tee-shirts and hoodies to campus clothes. All apparel is designed for easy embroidery and is available in an assortment of colours. Whatzupwiththat® Bearwear apparel is a great way to expand your variety of products and increase add-on purchases.

Increasing your sales with add-ons can be easy and authentic when you carry the right products and listen to your customers’ needs. With a little practice, you can apply this tactic in all areas of your business.