Successful companies will tell you they’re continually looking for ways to improve. Feedback is necessary for any brand to grow – it provides an opportunity to make more informed decisions. We love having an engaged Embroider Buddy® community, and the feedback you provide us with helps us bring your favourite products to life.

The Power of Email

Customer emails are an asset to our business. Email is a direct line of communication that has allowed us to develop meaningful relationships with many of our customers. Connecting with talented embroiderers is not only a complement to our brand, but also an avenue for fresh and inspiring design ideas. Have something to share, let us know!

Let Us Show Off Your Embroider Buddy® Designs

Do you have designs that shine? We’d love to show them off! Become an Embroider Buddy® Ambassador by submitting three photos of your creative work. We will take your images and feature them in one of our weekly installments of the Loose Threads blog. Many of our most intricate, cute and creative designs are our customer’s projects and we love to give credit in our community.

Facebook Polls Let You Have Your Say

We want to know more, which means you may notice our Facebook page looking a little fuller. We’re launching weekly Facebook polls to help improve our understanding of your wants and needs. Polls are a fun and straightforward way to learn more, and we encourage you to provide more details in the comments. Your responses are valuable and will be used to provide you with the best products for your business.

Amazon CEO and founder, Jeff Bezos said it best, “Your brand is what other people say about you when you’re not in the room.” If you have questions or comments for us at Embroider Buddy® please contact us by email at

We look forward to hearing from you in the polls!