It’s hard to believe, but one of the busiest days of the year is right around the corner. That’s right; back-to-school is here. While we get our kids ready for school routines and preparing bags, we mustn’t forget to pack a friendly, comforting compadre. Here are some of our Buddies who are most excited for back-to-school and will quickly become a school bestie!

Bus Stop Buddy

There’s no better send-off in the morning than having your favourite pup walk you to the school bus. Horatio Husky Buddy is not only a loyal four-legged companion, he is also a great protector and travel companion.

As the fall sweeps summer away, you can depend on Horatio Husky Buddy to keep you warm! Huskies have warm double coats making Horatio the “paw-fect” friend to keep your little one warm and protected this autumn.

Horatio Husky Buddy is the latest to join the Clara Classics Collection.  He is 16” and has a nice big belly perfect for bright embroidery designs. If you plan to send Horatio to school, consider personalizing him with a motivational quote like “Always put your best paw forward!”

The Buddy Who Makes School a Hoot

Oberon is a wise old owl who makes the perfect companion for study company. He is loved for his kind face and is always a hoot! His soft round belly is perfect for customization and looks great with monogram designs for safekeeping at school.

Available in a 16” Clara Classic Buddy, Oberon can fit at any study desk and help get the job done!

Moose Track Adventures

Mason Moose Buddy loves back to school because that means his favourite season is on its way! Mason loves the crisp fall air and changing leaves, you might even find him wandering through your local pumpkin patch looking for some snacks. His lush coat and magnificent antlers look especially charming paired with the mosaic of autumn colours.

Mason Moose is a Buddy of diversity. Available as a backpack, jumbo Buddy or classic Buddy, he loves adventure and makes the perfect friend for school trips. Whether you choose backpack Mason to hold your snacks and treasures, or a classic Buddy to conquer a great exploration, he’s the perfect companion for the new school year.

Down to Monkey Business

Looking for someone to do the legwork this school year? We’ve got the guy for the job, Lorenzo Long Legged Monkey Buddy! His long Velcro arms make him the perfect carrying accessory. Whether he’s hanging off your kiddie’s shoulder or attached to their backpack, he’s bound to put a goofy smile on everyone’s face!

Talk about carrying out a ‘leg-acy’; gift your little one a funny, long-legged monkey to help get them through the upcoming school year.

Divide and Conquer

Heading back to school can be overwhelming and intimidating until everyone is settled in. Children struggle to leave mom and dad even while knowing they’ll be seeing them in a few short hours. Send your little one to school with a personalized friend made just for them – making them feel at home!