Just like you, our Buddies dress to impress. Embroider Buddy®offers Whatzupwiththat!®Bearwear, the perfect customizable apparel for Buddies and several other plush toys available from Parkdale Creature Comforts.  While many of our Embroider Buddy®friends like to dress up with beautiful embroidered designs, they often wear our personalized Whatzupwiththat!® Bearwear accessories too!

Play Buddy dress up with our tutu and ear bow set, graduation gown, chef hat and scarf set,bandanna and more if you’re looking for some subtle dazzling.

Bearwear turns your Embroider Buddy® into a one-of-a-kind fuzzy friend who showcases your particular profession or special event. A couple of our favourite styles include buddies who are popularly styled in bridal accessories and given to brides-to-be, and aspiring or retiring firefighters love getting an Elford Elephant Buddy dressed in a firefighter hat!

Besides sprucing up Buddies, Bearwear fashion can be customized to produce the perfect custom plush toy bear by choosing from our different services. Although keeping Bearwear blank isn’t uncommon, there’s so much more you can do with most items. Did you know some of the pieces are embroidable, vinyl and print friendly? We encourage you to add a special message, name, logo or design.

Have your logo printed or create a custom design with Whatzupwiththat!®Bearwear

Looking to go the extra mile with your personalization? Turn your loveable plush into a customized creation with Bearwear by adding a special message, name, logo or more to one of many Whatzupwiththat!® Bearwear items and create an adorable addition for one of our teddy bears. With Whatzupwiththat!®Bearwear we can work with you to create perfect promotional item or a memorable keepsake.  For printed or custom pieces, visit http://whatzupwiththat.com/services/printed/

Whatzupwiththat!®Bearwear is your destination for unique, customizable accessoriesthat bring life and personality to your favourite plush toy. All products are manufactured to meet and exceed all applicable U.S., Canadian, Australian and European safety standards. The accessories fit most of our Buddies but be sure to read the sizing charts when looking at the Bearwear because some of the items are better suited to other plush toys from our extensive collection.

Have you designed or personalized your Embroider Buddy®with Whatzupwiththat!®Bearwear? What are your favourite creations? Leave your comment below!