Have you heard? Embroider Buddy®brought some of our favourite and friendly fossils to life in the 21st century. Dino, Tommie T-Rex, Wendy, and Pierce compose the colours of the rainbow and are a sight for ‘saur’ eyes.

Meet the crew!

Dino Dinosaur Buddy

Dino may be prehistoric, but he’s a pretty big deal. This 16” green and friendly dinosaur is ready for action. He’s got self-contained stuffing pods.

Dino has a large belly that is perfect for fun and colourful designs.

Tommie T-Rex Dino Buddy

Tommie T-Rex is known for his bold and vibrant personality. His big toothy smile makes him the perfect companion for your wild explorations!

Tommie is available as a 16” plush buddy or a towering 25” backpack. The largest T-Rex toothever found was 12″, making Tommie only a couple inches taller than his counterparts grin.

You can expect hooping and embroidery to be easy with his big tummy waiting to be decorated. Tommie’s big personality is well suited for goofy sayings like, “Check yourself before you rex yo’self!”

Wendy Dino Buddy 

Wendy is proudly named after Canadian fossil hunter Wendy Sloboda, who has been discovering dinosaur bones and eggs in Canada since she was a teenager. The Wendiceraptor was discovered in 2010 in Alberta and is a distant cousin of the Triceratops dinosaur.  Made of a mixture of purples and wearing a crown of pink.  She is the queen of the pre-historic era who knows how to have fun. Wendy is available as a regular 16” Embroider Buddy®or a 25” Easy as 1-2-3 Backpack. She loves to explore, so make sure to include her on all of your summer excursions!

Pierce Dino Buddy

Meet Pierce the Pterodactyl; he’s our favourite soaring saurus in the collection! His blue and green mosaic colouring is complemented by a textured plush making him one cool looking dude. You can find Pierce in a 16” buddy or a 25” Easy as 1-2-3 Backpack.

As with all Embroider Buddy® products, each ‘dino-mite’ buddy meets all applicable U.S., Canadian and European safety standards and are made with embroidery friendly, low-pile plush fabric. Every Embroider Buddy®features a hidden zipper with removable stuffing pods to make embroidery easy.

Which is your favourite ‘DINO-MITE’ buddy? Do you prefer them as a plush buddy or backpack? Let us know in the comments below!