Greetings from England!

For the past week, Bobby Buddy and I have been travelling through jolly ol’ England – and what a time we’ve had!

We went just about everywhere, experiencing the rich history, culture, food and colour. But of course, you couldn’t be in London without getting wrapped up in the World Cup that has taken over the entire country!

As we arrived at our hotel, Bobby was immediately recognized and the door man asked for a selfie.  Bobby, always the gracious star that he is, obliged.  It was hard to keep the paparazzi away!



Our first stop was to Buckingham Palace, just to let them know we were in town.  The Queen insisted a “quick pic” on the balcony with the family.  They didn’t need to get all gussied up for us! Sorry, for blocking you out Kate, maybe next time you can stand in front.


Each morning we enjoyed a typical “English Brekkie” – fuel for the soul!  Each day there was something new to see.  One day, we came across the Pride parade.  What a lovely experience of colour, joy and happiness!  The biggest cheers from the crowd came when the first responders and military floats went by.

As word spread that Bobby Bear was in London, we needed to dodge the paparazzi and found ourselves in a pub just as a World Cup match was starting.  The energy, electricity and excitement was breathtaking.  You couldn’t help but cheer!  Bobby, ever the sport, grabbed the flag, jumped on tables as England won!

Bobby and I had an fantastic time travelling together.  We'd love to see your travel photos with your Buddy!

Donna & Bobby