The newest addition to our ‘leg-acy’ is Lorenzo Long Leg Monkey Buddy! He sure is a real cutie with his playful smile, soft brown fur and wide eyes.  Lorenzo’s big round belly is perfect for easy machine or hand embroidery….but there’s something else different about this guy: he has long arms and legs, which make him a one of a kind Buddy!

Lorenzo has long lanky limbs that Velcro together for hands-free carrying and all-day snuggling! So, don’t be surprised when you find him swinging from the ceiling or sliding down your ‘banana-ister’. We expect he will make the perfect primate to accompany you on all of your summer explorations.


In the jungle, monkeys come in all shapes and sizes. They can range from 4.6 inches to just under 2 meters if we’re talking about gorillas. Our Lorenzo is a ‘chimp’ off the old block standing at 16 inches and he has all the features you love about our products: beautiful fabric, and a hidden zipper with an easy-to-remove stuffed pod for your embroidery creation!

Although he may be known for his goofy personality, we are sure that those long arms will wrap around your heart. So, be sure to catch him when you can.


In this monkey business, our stock doesn’t hang around for long. Be sure to pre-order your Lorenzo Long Legged Buddy using our new order formand catalogue on our website. Or, feel free to reach out by email at


Here are a few of our favourite embroidery ideas for Lorenzo!

  • “You’re a Chimpion!”
  • “Go Bananas!”
  • “Funky Monkey!”


Let us know what you think of our newest Embroider Buddy®addition. Where would you have him hangin’ out? Comment below!