Whether it’s the pool or a park, the beach or the backyard, the best part of summer are the adventures!  There’s nothing better than spending all day outside in the sun but with every adventure, you must be prepared!

Embroider Buddy® backpacks are the perfect adventure bag. Twenty-five inches of plush buddy means space for sunscreen, water, a little towel and maybe a sand shovel too! The adjustable straps make it easy for anyone to carry on their back making for an ideal hands-free adventure.

Let's meet the adventure team!

Benjamin Bear Backpack Buddy

 With a fuzzy caramel coat and sweet smile, you’ll want to bring him everywhere. Standing tall at 25”, he’s easy to fill with all your summertime goodies. The zipper hidden on his back is wonderfully accessible for hooping and easy embroidery on any embroidery machine.

Mason Moose Backpack Buddy

Mason will help you play it fast and moose. While an average North American moose is almost 7 feet tall, our buddy Mason can fit on your back at 25” in length. He can be unzipped on his backside to store your treasures for safe keeping. Mason meets all applicable U.S., Canadian, and European safety standards and is available in a 16” buddy.

Dalton Dog Backpack Buddy

You won’t find Dalton barking up the wrong tree! He’s a lovely pup with a soft coat and a smile to match. He’s 25” in size and features a hidden zipper on his back to store his treats and your toys. Dalton is embroidery friendly and also comes as a standard 16” buddy.

Tommie Dino Backpack Buddy

He’s striking orange with a smile as big as his personality! You’ll be sure to make some new buddies at the beach with Tommie around. A ‘rawr-ing’ 25” of plush means lots of room for you to store your adventure essentials and embroidery designs! You can find Tommie as a 16” buddy, too!

Wendy Dino Backpack Buddy

Wendy is a sight for ‘saur’ eyes with her purple mosaic coat can be seen from miles away. She’s 24” in height and has an easy zip back and adjustable straps like the rest of her backpack Buddies making embroidering easy as 1-2-3. Wendy is also available as a regular 16” buddy.

Pierce Dino Backpack Buddy

Pierce is absolutely dino-mite! He stands tall at 24” and has the biggest wingspan of all the buddies. He’s got lots of room for goodies in his hidden compartment that can be located zipped away on his backside between his adjustable straps. Pierce also comes in a regular 16” buddy.

What are your beach bag must-haves and which Buddy will be hitting the shoreline with you? Comment below!