The Art of Embroidery and Buddies: National Sewing Machine DayEmbroidery has always been a popular hobby and art form, and we love seeing all the trendy personalized gifts that are created within this craft.

So this week, in celebration of National Sewing Machine Day, let’s highlight our beloved Embroider Buddy® products that are designed to make machine embroidery easy!

What is embroidery?

As defined by the Merriam-Webster dictionary, embroidery is the art or process of forming decorative designs with hand or machine needlework. The art of embroidery is rich in history and dates back hundreds of thousands of years. Modern techniques have become incredibly advanced with the digital embroidery.

Embroidered gifts are adored because they have a personalized aesthetic, such as monograms, important dates and funny sayings—all of which are beautiful keepsakes. Often the designs can be quite complex making the sewing machine an integral component of the process.

Rory the Lion Charms

If you’re ready to feel inspired by your sewing machine, here are a few modern embroidery techniques from our favourite bloggers that we love:

Embroider Buddy® makes embroidery fun and easy!

Embroider Buddy® saw a gap in the industry and spent three years developing the perfect, easy to embroider product. Inventor, Donna Kotzer, narrowed the demand to stuffed toys with a large area to embellish that included neat, removable stuffing. Each Embroider Buddy® also features a hidden zipper on the backside making the removable pods accessible and the embroidery area sewing machine ready.

How to Embroider Your Buddy with a Single Needle MachineToday, the Embroider Buddy® product line includes stuffed animals, blankies, home & holiday, backpacks, Whatzupwiththat!® Bearwear and more. Buddies come in sizes of 16” or 22”, blankies in 16” or 20” and pillows are 14” x 14”. All products are designed with embroiderers and sewing machines in mind.

Here are a few sewing puns that make for great embroidery designs:

  • “Love you sew much!”
  • “Sewing is harder than it seams”
  • “You’re sew special”
  • “Don’t be spoolish”
  • “And sew it begins…”

How to Embroider Your Buddy with a Single Needle MachineHappy National Sewing Machine Day! Comment below with some of your favourite embroidery designs you’ve done with your sewing machine.