Best Friends for Life: Celebrating Best Friends DayDid you know that Friday, June 8 is #BestFriendsDay?  Whether your bestie is a family member or lifelong friend, this is the perfect way to celebrate what they mean to you. Sometimes, especially for children, a best friend may not actually be real at all! The security and comfort of friendship comes instead from a loveable plush companion—just like our Buddies!

So in the spirit of Best Friends Day, we’ve curated a list of reasons to appreciate some of Embroider Buddy®’s  Best Friends for Life.

1. They’re Loyal

Pauley Puppy Buddy is known for his loyalty. He’s a great support to all of his friends. Pauley always welcomes you with his warm smile and soft fuzzy hug.

Pauley Puppy BuddyPauley Puppy Buddy is 16’ of plush fur, with brown markings and a cute spot on his eye. His backside has a zipper to access the removable pods making embroidery easy.

2. They Listen to Us

Our Buddy with the best listening skills is most certainly Okie Owl Buddy. Although Okie can hear it all, he keeps your secrets zipped away just like the removable pods on his backside.

Okie Owl is back in stock and bigger than ever! The new Okie is bigger by about 1.5”, making him the same size as the rest of our 16” Buddies. He’s curiously bright eyed, looks great when embroidered with bright colours and is also available in a 20” animal blanket.

3. They Show You Your Value

At times, it can be difficult to see what makes us sparkle, but best buddies remind us that we shine all the time. Pink Landy LadyBug Buddy’s friends say they love Landy because she’s tough on the outside but a softy at heart.

Landy LadyBug Buddy is 16” and has removable pods making her chest easy to embroider. She is one of our friendliest looking buddies with her welcoming smile, perky antennas and soft pink shell. She’s in stock now and ready for your order!

4. They Stand Up for You

Rory Lion Buddy may be a loud guy – but you can always depend on him to speak-up when somethings not right. His roar is mighty loving.

Rory Lion BuddyRory Lion Buddy is available in a 16’ plush stuffed animal or a 20’ animal blanket. His mane is wildly soft and his big goofy smile pairs well with fun embroidery designs on his chest.

5. They Go the Extra Mile

Every year, Emperor Penguins make a 70-mile trek across Antarctica in the midst of winter to find the perfect mate. Pendrick Penguin Buddy always goes that extra mile for his friends and it never goes unnoticed.

Pendrick Penguin Buddy is 16’ and features a zippered back to remove the pods so his chest is accessible for embroiders to fill his chest with colourful designs.

Give the gift of an Embroidery Buddy with a message letting your friend know how much they mean to you!

Here are a few of our favourite things to say to our Buddies:

  • “Thank you for always being the friend I need.”
  • “You’re part of all of my favourite memories.”
  • “Thanks for taking the time to understand me.”
  • “I’m so happy to have you in my life.”

Happy Best Friends Day, everyone! Be sure to tell your best Buddies what you love most about them tomorrow!