Buddies gone wildThis latter half of May has brought spring to full speed. Summer isn’t too far off, which means it’s time to have some fun in the sun. These are the days that are spent wandering through our community’s events and activities. Ice cream trucks, waterfront picnics and trips to the zoo are a few of our favourites!

We’ve got a couple of Buddies who share familiar faces with our exotic animal friends that come out to play during summer trips to the zoo. Our Buddies are just as majestic as the real thing with the bonus of being companion sized.

Elford Elephant Buddy

While the average adult elephant is a whopping 10-feet-tall and likely to be the tallest animal at the zoo, Elford Elephant Buddy is carry-on size at 16”. He’s got ears that can hear for miles, sweet plush ivory tusks and a belly made for embroidery.

Elford Elephant Buddy is available in three colours: natural grey, baby blue and a soft pink. Elford is a symbol of strength and can lead the way to every heart!

Elford Elephant BuddyGift an embroidered Elford to a new grad with an inspiration quote such as, “Don’t Work for Peanuts” or “Make a Big Impression”.

LeRoy Leopard Buddy

For all the cat lovers out there, a visit to the zoo wouldn’t be complete without seeing the strongest cat of all, the leopard. These beautiful animals are capable of climbing trees, even when carrying heavy prey.

Lucky for you, we have huggable LeRoy Leopard Buddy with his piercing blue eyes and soft belly ready for your creativity.

LeRoy Leopard BuddyLeRoy makes a great present for a friend or family going through a tough time. Remind them of their strength with an inspirational embroidered quote like, “You are brave. You are strong.”, or “Find strength in those who love you.”

Sebastian Shark Buddy

Sebastian Shark Buddy is super unique and with his cool and playful design. His grey colouring, toothy smile and soft fins are much more welcoming than your average shark. Sebastian can be unzipped on his backside to access his removable pods – making embroidery a breeze.

Sebastian is 16” and made from low-pile plush fabric. This Buddy, like the rest, exceeds all applicable U.S., Canadian, and European safety standards.

Sebastian Shark Buddy“You’re Jaw-some!“ is one of our favourite embroidery pairings with Sebastian.

Zachary Zebra Buddy

Always a ‘mane’ attraction at the zoo, Zachary Zebra Buddy is one of our cuddliest Buddies with his fuzzy mane and tail. He is as kind as he is fun and stands at 16”, while his real-life wild counterpart is generally around five feet tall.

Is Zachary Zebra white with black stripes or black with white stripes? We’ll leave that up to you to decide. What we do know is that his flat tummy makes him incredibly easy to personalize with your chosen embroidery!

Zachary Zebra BuddyZachary is a great present for your favourite sports leaders and looks adorable when embroidered with “#1 Referee”.

What are some of your favourite ways to spend your summer days? Leave a comment in the section below!