Tip Tuesday: Personalize Your Buddies with MonogramsWhen we think about embroidering a Buddy’s belly, we often think of exciting ways to fill the space: quotes, designs, symbols or images often come to mind. Sometimes we overlook one of the most classic and effective ways to add personalization and customization with embroidery — monogramming!

For today’s Tip Tuesday, we’re going over some monogramming basics, including what a monogram is, how to add one to your Embroider Buddy® products, and how to help them stand out.

The basics behind monogramming

A monogram is a design of two or more letters, typically a person's initials, usually interwoven or combined decoratively. Monograms are often used to help demonstrate personal branding or to identify a personal possession. Plus, they can be works of art on their own!


Monogram example from SVGMonogram
Source: Etsy

There aren’t many rules when it comes to monogramming, which makes it attractive to those with a creative edge. How you design and create your monograms is entirely up to you — keep it simple or make it as intricate as you wish!

How to embroider a monogram

Start monogramming by deciding on the initial or initials you’ll be using. Typically, a monogram consists of three letters, each standing for your first, last and middle names. The last name initial is usually displayed in the middle of the monogram and is designed to stand out the most.

Embroidering monograms on Embroider Buddy® products couldn’t be any easier — all pieces are designed with makers in mind and keep things simple and straightforward.


If you’re adding a monogram to a Buddy’s belly, simply unzip the bottom of the Buddy and remove the self-contained stuffing pods for ease of access to hoop and stitch. Voila! It couldn’t be any easier.

Monograms also look fabulous on other Embroider Buddy® products, like the Embroider Blankey, Embroider Buddy® Pillow and Embroider Buddy® Stockings.

Getting creative with monogramming

Once you have some monogramming experience under your belt, try adding more creative details to help your designs stand out.  Different font styles can be an effective way to give your piece personality. More simple, clean styles convey modernism, where fun scripts or curved styles represent whimsy and excitement.

How to embroider a monogram

It can also be fun to add some additional detail to your monogram that suits the piece you’re embroidering. For example, if you’ve chosen to monogram initials onto the belly or wings of Missy Bumble Bee Buddy, see what other spring-like details you can add around your monogram to complement the overall look. Fun florals are always a hit!

If your monogram is proudly displayed on Landy Ladybug Buddy’s middle, add some butterfly around your design to really make it pop!

Pink Ladybug
We can’t wait to see the monogram designs you create! What other tips would you add to this list? Are there other topics you’d like to see us share in future Tip Tuesday posts? Be sure to leave a comment for us below!