How to Draw Design Inspiration from InstagramLately, we’ve been chatting a lot about inspiration – and for good reason! Staying inspired means your designs will truly shine, whether you’re crafting them for a customer or for a loved one. For today’s Tip Tuesday, we’re sharing a top resource that can be overlooked when it comes to inspiration. We often use social media to connect with other embroiderers, communities and friends and family, but we forget to think of its powers as a search tool – particularly Instagram!

Using Instagram as a tool for design inspiration

Hashtags we see on Instagram have an important purpose. Just like hashtags used on other social media channels, Instagram uses this feature to catalog posts by topic or subject matter. When you add a post to Instagram, you have the opportunity to add a short caption with hashtags included to help others discover your content.

Start searching by topic – one we particularly like is #machineembroidery. With a few quick swipes and taps, you’ll have over 100,000 images on hand to spark new creativity!

Did you know there’s even an #embroiderbuddy hashtag on Instagram with over 370 posts? It’s another fantastic way to draw inspiration and see what’s possible with some of your favourite Buddies after the thread!

Using Instagram to discover other designers

Searching by topic is great to get inspired, but it’s not the only way to boost creativity. Use Instagram to find other makers like you to connect and build your community. You’ll be surprised at the number of design ideas that are sure to be discovered when you grow your roots online!

Here are some of our favourite Instagrammers to follow for design inspiration when it comes to Buddies and other embroidables:

How else do you like to use social media to draw inspiration for your designs? We want to hear your feedback! Share with us using the comment section below, Twitter, and Facebook.