Ready to Sell: Generic Embroidery Ideas for BuddiesDo you take the time to prep and stock ready to sell embroidered items? We think it’s a great practice for so many reasons!

Ready to sell (RTS) items are pieces that have been embroidered with generic messages, usually without personalization, to shorten your turnaround time and help you serve customers in a pinch – even when you might have many other things on the go. It’s also a way to help you take advantage of downtime during not-too-busy seasons and keep practicing and perfecting your embroidery skills.

Ready to sell itemReady to sell items are also a great way of showing customers how the embroidered piece will actually look when finished. Not all customers are imaginative or can think of things in abstract terms, and some prefer to buy embroidered pieces that are already finished.

Now that you know a little bit more about how and why ready to sell pieces can be so effective for your business, let’s jump into some fun embroidery ideas to help you build your Ready to sell stock!

How to Prep Ready to Sell Buddies

With over 60 Buddies and counting, there’s lots of choice when selecting the cuddly additions to your ready to sell stock. We recommend choosing a variety of Buddies to prep for ready to sell. You know your customer best, and you probably have a good idea of which pieces tend to be best sellers from a business perspective. Some of our favourites include Rory Lion Buddy, Gerry Giraffe, Pendrick Penguin Buddy,  and of course, traditional teddy bear pieces.

Here are some fun RTS messages to try:

  • Forever Friends
  • I love you to the moon and back
  • Daddy’s Little Girl
  • Hedge Hugs
  • You are my happily ever after

Ready to Sell: Generic Embroidery Ideas for BuddiesDon’t feel that a quote or saying is your only option for ready to sell pieces – sometimes a design or image says it all!

Ready to Sell: Generic Embroidery Ideas for BuddiesHoliday Ready to Sell Ideas

While it’s important to have some everyday pieces on hand for those who are looking to treat a special someone “just because,” it’s also a good idea to stock lots of ready to sell holiday pieces – particularly because you’ll be busy with lots of other projects on the go at this time!

Ready to Sell: Generic Embroidery Ideas for BuddiesChristmas and Valentine’s Day tend to be top selling holidays when it comes to Buddies and other Embroider Buddy® items. Adding messages of love and cheer ahead of time to some of our top-selling items seasonal items like the Christmas Crew will help you prepare for the occasion.

Embroider messages like:

  • There’s magic in believing
  • I’m snow adorable
  • Let it snow
  • Love you lots
  • Kisses and hugs

Ready to Sell: Generic Embroidery Ideas for BuddiesWhile big calendar events are always fun to prepare, don’t forget about other exciting life events like graduation or the welcoming of a new family member.

Other Embroidable Ideas for Ready to Sell

Don’t just limit your RTS stock to Buddies – we have lots of other embroidable items for your collection! Stocking ready to sell Embroider Buddy® Pillows is a great option with no need to select a specific animal.

Ready to Sell: Generic Embroidery Ideas for BuddiesHaving trouble settling on the perfect generic message for your ready to sell items? Follow along with us on Facebook and Twitter for inspiration. Pinterest can be another fabulous resource to uncover new ideas!