Celebrate Valentine’s Day the Embroider Buddy® WayValentine's Day is just a couple of weeks away – have you decided how you’ll celebrate? While we truly believe that every day is an opportunity to share your love for family and friends, a thoughtful card or sweet gift is always appreciated.

Candy, chocolates and flowers are some of the more typical gifts we see exchanged on February 14th. This year, we’re challenging you to do something different! A personalized gift from Embroider Buddy® is one that can be cherished forever.

Missy Bumble Bee Buddy

Missy Bumble Bee Buddy is the perfect stuffed animal to help you ask your Valentine to be yours forever! Embroider a special message on her cute yellow belly or wide white wings — a special part of Missy that truly makes her stand apart from the other Buddies.

Missy Bumble Bee BuddyOur favourite Valentine’s message to embroider on Missy? “Bee mine!”

Buddy Bunny

This handsome fellow is sure to help you convey just how much you love that special someone. With lots of space for embroidered special messages and a friendly smile, Buddy Bunny is the perfect canvas to say “there’s no bunny for me like you!”

Buddy BunnyBuddy Bunny’s white fur means your designs will be sure to pop with contrast. Get as creative as possible!

Elford Elephant Buddy

Although he may not strike you as a romantic fellow at first, Elford Elephant Buddy is great for marking anniversaries or other special occasions like Valentine’s Day. After all, an elephant never forgets!

Elford Elephant BuddyUse Elford’s embroidable belly to commemorate a special date or notable event for your honey this Valentine’s Day.

Other Fun Embroidery Ideas

Looking for other fun ideas to celebrate Valentine’s Day using Embroider Buddy® products?

Try embroidering a pair of Buddies as “best friends” keepsakes. Choose from pairs like Parker Pug Buddy or Buster Bulldog Buddy or Bobby Buddy Bears in pink, blue, white, black or brown. Embroider details like inside jokes, special sayings or heart-warming memories on your Buddies’ bellies. Keep one for yourself and give one away — like two halves of a whole!

Looking for other fun ideas to celebrate Valentine’s Day using Embroider Buddy® products?You can also choose a Buddy that you think best suits your Valentine. Perhaps they’re strong like Howie Horse Buddy or cute like Hip Hop Froggy Buddy. Share the inspiration behind your selection with your Valentine to make it an extra thoughtful keepsake.

What other ways can you think of to embroider our products for Valentine’s Day? Send us your ideas on Twitter and Facebook, or by using the comment section below.