Celebrating Penguin Awareness Day with Pendrick Penguin BuddyJanuary 20 marks Penguin Awareness Day – a very special day dedicated to some of our favourite feathered friends – penguins! It is all about learning more about these cute yet majestic birds.

Penguin Awareness Day

Although they have wings, penguins cannot fly. Instead, they hop, waddle, swim and even slide on their bellies to get where they need to go. Penguins are also special because when they meet a partner, they mate for life – an example of true love at work in the animal kingdom!

We know we’ll certainly be celebrating this Saturday, and who better to help us than our very own Pendrick Penguin Buddy?

Pendrick Penguin BuddyPendrick Penguin Buddy

Pendrick Penguin is our one and only penguin Buddy. He’s well known for his friendly face, cute orange beak, and of course, his brightly coloured bow that gives a dapper touch to his look!

Pendrick Penguin Buddy

Just like real penguins, Pendrick holds a special meaning in the hearts of many who have found their soulmate. If you’re seeking a unique gift for your other half, a penguin can be the perfect way to commemorate the special bond for the life you’ve found. Consider embroidering a special sentimental or romantic message to Pendrick’s soft white belly that your love will cherish forever.

Pendrick Penguin BuddySo, how can you help celebrate Penguin Awareness Day this year? Do some research, watch a movie (we personally like Happy Feet or March of the Penguins), embroider a Pendrick Penguin Buddy for that someone special or check our non-embroidable collection of penguins here. Be sure to show us your Pendrick Penguin Buddy designs for inspiration on Twitter and Facebook.