Back By Popular Demand! Which Buddy Could I Be?
We are so excited to share the news that another sold out Embroider Buddy® favourite is back by popular demand!

Can you guess who it could be? Here are some clues:

  • She’s red (or pink), white, and cute all over
  • Luck is on your side when you have her nearby
  • The sweet smile on her face is sure to bring one to yours

Welcome back, Landy LadyBug!

If you guessed Landy LadyBug Buddy, you’re right!

Ladybugs are known for being lucky, and our Landy is no exception! It’s been said that you can count the blessings a ladybug brings by counting the spots on her wings. In that case, six big blessings are bound to be yours when you have Landy at home!

Landy Ladybug Buddy RedComplete with a cute button nose, adorable antennae and a contagious grin, it’s no wonder Landy is so popular. Her large white belly is made of luxurious low-pile fabric so you can be sure you’ll have enough room for designs that stand out beautifully!

Red or pink, that is the question

What’s even more exciting about Landy’s return is that we are bringing her back in both red and pink designs thanks to such a great response from our Embroider Buddy® family on Facebook! Both versions of this lovable ladybug will be available to order in early Spring 2018.

Landy Ladybug Buddies
We create all of our Buddies with embroidery in mind, so prepping Landy for your designs couldn’t be simpler. Self-contained stuffing pods for her head and belly are removable through a hidden zipper on the bottom, making hooping and embroidery easy on any embroidery machine!

Landy Ladybug Buddy Pink

Are you excited for the return of Landy LadyBug Buddy? Will you be bringing her home in red, pink, or both? Leave a comment below and share your requests for other Buddies you’d like to see on Twitter and Facebook.