Celebrating 11 Years of Embroider Buddy® with the Original Six - BuddiesIt’s hard to believe we’re celebrating Embroider Buddy®’s 11th anniversary! What started as an idea for one embroidable design has grown into an entire collection of Buddies, blankeys and more. It's still surreal to see the happiness these meaningful products bring to people all over the world!

Many of you may know that Toronto, Ontario is home to Embroider Buddy®, and just like our hometown hockey team is part of the NHL’s Original Six, Buddies have a special Original Six list, too!

To celebrate 11 years, we’re going to reacquaint you with our Original Six Buddies – read on to learn which of your favourite Buddies have been with us from the very beginning.

Mister Buddy Bear

This stuffed bear tops the Original Six list with no surprise! Mister Buddy Bear is a classic teddy that’s perfect for any gift-giving occasion. Choose from pink, blue, brown or white versions of this Embroider Buddy® staple to brighten anyone’s day!

Embroider Buddy® the Original Six - Buddy BearLambton Lamb Buddy

Everyone should have a sweet little lamb like Lambton Lamb Buddy in his or her life! His smiling face, floppy ears and tiny tail make him too cute for words. Lambton makes a great gift for newborns or for anyone who holds a special place in their hearts for little lambs.

Embroider Buddy® the Original Six - Buddy LambPauley Puppy Buddy

This next Buddy is doggone adorable! Pauley Puppy Buddy has two perky ears, a soft cream coat and a brown spot over his left eye that helps him stand out from the crowd. At 16” tall, we guarantee he’ll never outgrow his puppy phase! Just like all our Buddies, Pauley is sure to become a friend “fur” life.

Embroider Buddy® the Original Six - Buddy PuppyMonty Monkey Buddy

This next Buddy is mischievous, but full of fun! Monty Monkey Buddy’s round brown belly and big feet offer lots of space for you to get creative with embroidery. And who could resist that cute monkey tail?!

Embroider Buddy® the Original Six - Buddy MonkeyRory Lion Buddy

With a gorgeous mane and sweet smile, Rory Lion Buddy is paws-itively adorable. This lovable lion is fan favourite for embroidery with a flat pile belly just waiting for your creative touch. We’re not “lion” when we say you’ll fall head over heels for this guy!

Embroider Buddy® the Original Six - Buddy LionMooMoo Cow Buddy

Last but not least, say hello to MooMoo Cow Buddy! Black, white, and cute all over, the smile at the end of this Buddy’s snout is contagious! Designs added to his belly stand out against the bright white fabric he’s been so lovingly created with.

Embroider Buddy® the Original Six - Buddy CowShare your Original Six designs with us in honour of our 11th anniversary! We love seeing your creativity shine on Twitter and Facebook.