Every Buddy’s in Costume for Halloween

Halloween is just around the corner. It’s the one night a year where costumes, makeup, and other special effects are everywhere you turn, making fun or spooky characters out of everyday people.

Haven’t decided on a costume yet this year? There’s still plenty of time. With the help of Whatzupwiththat!® Bearwear Accessories, your Embroider Buddy® can get in on the Halloween fun, too!

Masked Superhero

From Wonder Woman to Thor, 2017 has been the year of the superhero. With cape and mask Bearwear that comes in red and blue or pink, any Buddy can become a hero or heroine for a day!

Masked SuperheroOur prediction: you’ll be seeing a lot of ‘super’ costumes at your front door on trick-or-treaters this year!

Everyday Hero

Let’s not let superheroes have all the attention – dressing up as a real-life hero is always a Halloween hit! First responders and emergency personnel are true everyday heroes who put their lives at risk daily to help others.

Everyday HeroJust add a scrub cap and mask or firefighter helmet to complete your Buddy’s heroic look – stat!

Prima Ballerina

Arabesque, plié, pirouette – this next costume helps connect your Buddies with their inner dancing divas! Ballerinas are known for their grace, skill, and dedication. While it would take years of hard work to become a professional ballerina, it sure is fun to pretend on Halloween!

Prima Ballerina CostumeA pretty pink tutu and bow will help your Buddies get ready for their grand debuts on October 31.

Top Chef

Is your Buddy more of a Guy Fieri or a Gordon Ramsay in the kitchen? Either way, this costume is the pièces de résistance for any foodie or cooking enthusiast!

Lion ChefWith a tall white chef’s hat and matching scarf, your Buddy is sure to add fun to any kitchen this Halloween, no matter what’s on the menu! Bon appetit!

Cool Conductor

All aboard – this cute costume is leaving the station!

So many of us grew up fascinated by trains – their sharp whistles, chugging engines, and of course, those who drive them. Halloween is a chance to live out your childhood dreams, even if only for a night!

Cool ConductorThis striped cap and red scarf are the perfect accessories for your little plush conductor. The hardest part will be choo-choo-choosing which Buddy gets to wear them!

Share your Embroider Buddy® Halloween Costumes with us!

Show us your Buddies in costume on Twitter and Facebook – we can’t wait to see them dressed up and ready to celebrate! Happy haunting!

Obi Van Buddy