Photo booths are so much fun – you’ll be surprised at just how many notoriously camera-shy friends or family members you’ll see posing in front of a backdrop when there’s a fun photo booth involved!

Not only can photo booths help capture memories in a fun and unique way, they can be a great way to help show off your Buddies and creative designs to drive sales. Read on to learn just how easy it is to DIY your own!

Choose a theme with your Buddies in mind

Start bringing your photo booth to life by choosing a theme. Sometimes this part is easy based on what Buddies you’ll be showcasing.

Will it be a winter or Christmas theme featuring Santa Buddy, Sonny Snowman Buddy and Randy Reindeer Buddy? Or an ethereal magic theme featuring Violette Unicorn Buddy and Whimsy Unicorn Buddy? Maybe a dynamite dinosaur theme is more your speed, featuring Buddies like Tommie Dino Buddy, Pierce Dino Buddy and Wendy Dino Buddy.

Show Off Your Buddies with a DIY Photo BoothWith over 60 Buddies to choose from (and counting!), the options are endless. Remember that your theme should fit with the other elements of the photo booth you’ll be choosing, like your backdrop and props.

Select a backdrop

A backdrop will help you set the stage. Opt for something that works well on camera — stay away from busy prints or stark white backdrops to ensure that your Buddies stand out and your pictures turn out as best as possible.

Backdrop for BuddiesVisit your local hobby or crafting supply store and choose a fabric that suits your theme. Using temporary adhesive hooks, hang your backdrop flat against the wall. Make sure you choose a piece of fabric wide enough for your desired area and/or to accommodate several posing Buddies at once.

Don’t forget the props!

Here comes the most fun part – picking your props!

Adding elements like faux snow, flowers, fairy lights and garlands will provide the final touches to your DIY photo booth. Just like your theme, when it comes to props you can get as creative as you want!

Don’t forget the props!To really heighten the fun, don’t forget to include your favourite Whatzupwiththat!® Bearwear accessories. Having accessories like neckties, bridal veils, masks and hats on hand for your Buddies will make sure you’re set for every possible snapshot.

Pose your Buddies and snap away

Get your cameras ready – the fun is just beginning!

Don’t feel pressured to use a professional camera to capture your photo booth moments – you’ll be surprised at the quality of pictures your smartphone can produce. Plus, smartphone snaps make it that much easier to share almost instantaneously with customers, family and friends on social media!

Avoid simply lining up your Buddies for the shot – pose them in fun and interesting ways that fit with your theme to grab attention and show off your embroidered designs. You’ll be pleased with the final result – a great snapshot that doubles as a sales tool!

Pose your BuddiesShare your DIY photo booth pictures with us

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