Go Beyond the Belly! Creative Ways to Embroider Your BuddiesEmbroider Buddy® is known for cuddly customizable Buddies with irresistible bellies perfect for embroidery!

But what many people don’t realize is that there’s more to a Buddy than just its belly. In fact, Buddies are designed to feature your creative designs all over!

From their bottoms to their backs – and even their wings – every Buddy has lots of embroiderable space!

Don’t Turn Around Yet – Try Embroidering Your Buddy’s Back

Just like the belly, a Buddy’s back is an excellent space to display your embroidery.

Add a quote, special message, inside joke or a reminder that you created and gifted this adorable keepsake.

Don’t Turn Around Yet – Try Embroidering Your Buddy’s Back

Some members of our Embroider Buddy® family use the back of their Buddies like a sports jersey. Try embroidering a name or nickname from shoulder to shoulder to personalize a Buddy for a special someone.

Bottom Embroidery Makes for a Fun Surprise

We love the idea of embroidering a special message on your Buddy where it’s least expected — right on their cute behind!

Use your Buddy’s bottom to share a special message or words of encouragement.

But don’t limit yourself to words – sometimes a symbol says it all! Draw some inspiration from these horseshoes fittingly embroidered on Howie Horse Buddy’s backside!

Bottom Embroidery Makes for a Fun Surprise
What’s That You Say? Some Buddies Have Embroiderable Ears?

You heard that right – the ears of some of your favourite Buddies can be embroidered, too!

We love this picture of Ellie Elephant Buddy proudly sporting her embroidered ears. One ear is reserved for a beautifully embroidered monogram, the other features a meaningful quote.

What’s That You Say? Some Buddies Have Embroiderable Ears? Some of our other Buddies with plenty of space for ear embroidery are Dalton Buddy Dog, Hubert Hound Dog Buddy (currently available exclusively through The Embroidery Store), Buddy Bunny and Duncan Donkey Buddy, to name a few!

When All Else Fails, Just Wing It!

A Buddy’s wings are often overlooked when it comes to embroidery. While adding a creative touch to these areas might require a little extra attention, we promise that the final result is worth it!

Embroidable wings - Missy Bumble Bee BuddyPierce Dino Buddy and Missy Bumble Bee Buddy have wide wingspans just waiting for your designs! What would you embroider here?

Share Your Creative Embroidered Designs with Embroider Buddy®

Have you discovered a new way to embroider your Buddies? We want to see your custom designs! Share them with us on Twitter and Facebook and follow along for new ideas.