Making Milestone Memories with Embroider BuddyIt’s no secret that Buddies make great gifts – they’re cuddly, cute and customizable. With more than 60 Buddies to choose from (and many more to come!), there’s a Buddy for everyone!

Today we’re sharing how Embroider Buddy® can help you celebrate the special moments in life and capture memories that will last a lifetime. Whatever the reason for your celebration, there’s a Buddy that’s perfect for the occasion!

Bringing Home Baby

If you’re celebrating a new addition to the family, Buddies are a great way to announce their arrival! Embroider details about your little one including their name, birthdate, time of birth and birth weight.

Birthday keepsakeLambs symbolize gentleness, innocence and purity, so Lambton Lamb Buddy is a perfect Buddy to represent the milestone! Pink or blue Mister Buddy Bears can also help with your gender reveal to family and friends.

Graduating from School

We’ve already shared how Buddies can make excellent mementos for grads. Embroider your best wishes on the wise Okie Owl Buddy or the unforgettable Elford Elephant Buddy! Then add on a WhatzUpWithThat!® Bearwear graduation cap and diploma for an added touch.

Just unzip and remove the stuffing pod inside to easily embroider your custom congratulations.

Graduation KeepsakeSaying “I Do!”

If you’re celebrating a wedding, choose from our Whatzupwiththat!® Bearwear accessories to dress your Buddies for the occasion. Our bridal veil and bow tie accessories are some of our favourites!

Try embroidering the happy couple’s wedding date on your Buddy’s plush belly, or add an excerpt from their vows to help freeze the moment in time.

Wedding KeepsakeRetiring from a Career

Retirement is another special moment in life that should be celebrated! Acknowledge hard work and success with a special memento that captures a career of achievements.

Pair a Buddy with one of many Whatzupwiththat!® Bearwear accessories that represent your loved one’s career, whether it be a chef hat or hospital mask or another one from the collection. What other accessories would you like to see?

Retirement giftShare Your Milestone Buddies with Us!

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