A new Buddy is arriving... Welcome Hubert Hound Dog!In the words of Elvis: “You ain’t nothin’ but a hound dog”….

Make room in the dog house because our family of Buddies is expanding once again! We can’t wait to introduce you to Hubert Hound Dog Buddy… And we promise he’s not “crying all the time.” With his floppy ears, a stuck-out tongue, and heart-melting puppy dog eyes, Hubert will waste no time becoming a favourite!

Embroider Buddy® - Hubert Hound Dog BuddyHound dogs are known for their excellent hunting skills, thanks to their exceptional sense of sight and smell. Obedient, friendly, and intelligent, hound dogs also howl or “bay” to communicate while they’re on the hunt. And we can’t forget the fact that they’re just downright adorable!

Order Hubert Exclusively from The Embroidery Store

Hubert is exclusively available through The Embroidery Store, an Embroider Buddy® distributor. At a later date you will be able to purchase him directly from Embroider Buddy®, too. He’s a limited edition pup, so you’ll want to get your hands on him soon!

Embroider Buddy® - Hubert Hound Dog Buddy

Along with Hubert, we’re also introducing our new matching Cuddle Pal Hound dog – he looks great in a little tee or hoodie! Our Whatzupwiththat!® Bearwear adds the perfect finishing touch to your most loveable Buddies. Cuddle Pals are perfect for Heat Transfer Vinyl (HTV) too!

Hound Dog Cuddle Pal from Parkdale NoveltyCustom Buddies and Plush Toys

Are you interested in your own special custom Buddy or plush toy? Let us help create an Embroider Buddy® just for you! Baby Lock Embroidery Buddy Bear and Brewer Fox Buddy are two custom exclusive Buddies that we’ve had the joy of designing for our partners. For more information about designing your custom Embroider Buddy®, please contact us.