How to Embroider Your Buddy with a Single Needle Machine
This week we have a special #TipTuesday for you that’s all about using single needle embroidery on your next Embroider Buddy® project.

Unlike a multi needle embroidery machine that comes with four to ten needles, a single needle machine has one (just as its name implies!) and can be a great option with a more palatable price tag for personal embroiderers.

Our Embroider Buddy® Ambassador Samantha’s Stylz is sharing some of her top tips to make your next single needle embroidery project with Embroider Buddy® a success!How to Embroider Your Buddy with a Single Needle Machine

Tips for Single Needle Embroidery on Your Embroider Buddy®

  1. Start with a basting or running stitch around the inside of the hoop. This way you will know how far out the design will go and where not to keep your fingers!
  2. Keep your Buddy’s head toward the back of the machine (away from you) when hooping. Some people like to keep the head closest to them, but do not stuff your Buddy’s head under the arm — it will not be good for your Buddy or your machine! Try using the end of a table or ironing board to help it lay flat.
  3. When hooping, sometimes it’s helpful to loosely hoop once, tighten the hoop to your liking and then unhoop. Once complete, line everything up using the seams on the inside of your Buddy. Samantha notes that sometimes she will pull her Buddies a little here and there to smooth out the fabric once they are snugly in the hoop — their fur is very forgiving!
  4. Remove the basting stitch before unhooping so it’s tighter and easier. Try to pull off as much of the water-soluble embroidery stabilizer (WSS) as possible. Samantha uses both cut away and tear away for the bottoms, but there is no wrong way to do this. She says, “If I plan to hoop the old school way I use the cut away method so when I start tugging the stabilizer doesn't rip. But If I use the six-needle machine and fast frames way, I use the tear away method. Just pick what you like!”
  5. Use a WSS on top — one layer will make your designs look so much better! Samantha suggests you never get it wet. If you have very small areas to remove, use a wet cotton swab to dab it off as best as you can.

To see single needle machine in action, take a look at this video below.

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