Canada’s 150th birthday is sure to be one of the most exciting events of the summer!

On the first of July, Canadians across the nation will gather to celebrate 150 years of this great country. From parades to picnics and flag raising to fireworks, there will be no shortage of fun times with family and friends. And if you ask us, there’s no better way to celebrate than with your Buddies!

Embroider Buddy® is proud to be a Canadian-based company and our sister company Parkdale Novelty is almost half as old as Canada itself! So to honour this special occasion with an Embroider Buddy® twist, we’re sharing some of our favourite Buddies that are native to the Canadian wilderness.

The Canada 150 logo

Canada 150 official logoThe story behind the Canada 150 logo is an interesting one, and one many may not know. Toronto designer Ariana Cuvin’s artwork was chosen to represent Canada’s 150th birthday from hundreds of other submissions across the country.

Comprised of diamonds, or “celebratory gems”, the 13 elements of the maple leaf in the Canada 150 logo represent the four original provinces that formed Confederation in 1867 and the nine provinces and territories that make up Canada as we know it today.

Billy Black Bear Buddy

The black bear is the most commonly bear found in the Canadian wilderness, so embroidering the Canada 150 logo on our Billy Black Bear Buddy is a perfect choice!

His soft brown tummy offers lots of space for your design. Try embroidering in red or use a multitude of colours to represent Canada’s multicultural mosaic!

Like all our Buddies, just unzip and remove your Buddy’s stuffing pod to easily embroider the design of your choice. When you’re happy with your work, add the stuffing pod and zip up for the finished look!

Billy Black Bear Buddy celebrates Canada 150Mister Buddy Bear

Our Mister Buddy Bear in white represents the polar bears we often see playing, fishing, slipping and sliding up in the Canadian north.

For a more classic Canadian look, embroider a Canadian flag or maple leaf on Mister Buddy Bear’s belly. You won’t be disappointed with the results!

Mister Buddy Bear celebrates Canada 150Mikey Moose Buddy

It’s no secret that Canada is home to many moose! These majestic creatures are excellent swimmers and can weigh in at over 400 kilograms.

Mikey Moose Buddy celebrates Canada 150If you’d rather try your hand at a patriotic embroidered message, use the space on Mikey Moose Buddy’s stomach! Here are some ideas to get you started:

  • I ♥ Canada (try replacing the heart with a maple leaf!)
  • Canada, Eh!
  • Proud to be Canadian
  • Happy Canada 150!
  • On the Eh Team

Embroider Buddy celebrates Canada 150th anniversary

How will you be celebrating Canada’s 150th birthday? Share your Canada 150 designs with us on Twitter and Facebook! And if your Canada Day celebrations involve an exciting Buddymoon adventure, be sure to enter our Christmas in July Buddymoon Giveaway contest!