Share your Buddymoon Pics and Celebrate Christmas in July with Embroider Buddy!Last week, we shared a post all about Buddymoons. In case you missed it, a Buddymoon describes two different vacation ideas that are gaining popularity.

One is a play on the word “honeymoon” when a couple invites friends to join them. The second is more of a play on one of our favourite words… you guessed it… Buddy! It refers to a vacation with a group of friends or Buddies.

In true Embroider Buddy® fashion, we also like to think of a Buddymoon as a special getaway or trip where your Buddy tags along. We’ve always wondered just how well-travelled and experienced our Buddies become!

The Embroider Buddy® Christmas in July Buddymoon Giveaway

To encourage everyone to take a Buddymoon this summer, we’re holding a special Christmas in July giveaway that celebrates Buddies of all kinds!

One lucky winner will be selected to receive an Embroider Buddy® Christmas prize pack! While we don’t want to spill the details just yet on what will be awarded to the winner, we can say it will be totally worth it!

Share your Buddymoon Pics and Celebrate Christmas in July with Embroider Buddy!How to Enter

  1. Share your Buddymoon photos on Embroider Buddy®’s Facebook page with a brief description of your Buddymoon – one or two sentences is fine. Note: Each post counts as one entry (even if it contains more than one photo).
  2. On Friday July 14th, you will find the album of all approved photos on our Facebook page. The photo with the most “likes” at the end of the entry period will be the winner. You can vote from July 14th,2017 till July 17th, 2017 at 11:59am EST.

The winner will receive our special Christmas in July prize pack!

Please read The Embroider Buddy® Christmas in July Buddymoon Contest OFFICIAL RULES before entering.

Share your Buddymoon Pics and Celebrate Christmas in July with Embroider Buddy!Share Your Buddymoon Christmas in July Pictures!

To keep the entire Embroider Buddy® family in the spirit, we want to see your Buddymoon pictures all month long!

Whether it’s a getaway with your girlfriends, a couples’ excursion, a family outing or a solo summer trip, we want to see how you celebrate.

Share your Buddymoon pictures with us on Facebook during the month of July – we’ll be reposting our favourites to help spread the Buddymoon cheer!

Good luck to all those who enter, and Happy Buddymooning!  😎