Summer’s here! Why not take a Buddymoon?We’re just weeks away from the end of the school year and the weather is finally heating up! Now is the perfect time to plan your summer adventures. Whether it’s the amusement park, the cottage, the beach or the campground, another sunny season of memories awaits!

If you’re looking for a way to make your getaways extra special and memorable this year, why not turn your trip into a Buddymoon? It’s the perfect opportunity to make memories with an Embroider Buddy® twist!

What is a Buddymoon?

A Buddymoon describes two different vacation ideas that are gaining popularity. One is a play on the word “honeymoon” when a couple invites friends to join them. The second is more of a play on one of our favourite words… you guessed it… Buddy! It refers to a vacation with a group of friends or Buddies.  🙂

Donna at her Buddymoon

Buddymoon Buddies

Bring your Embroider Buddy® along this summer

We’ve always wondered just how well-travelled our Buddies are and what kind of lifelong memories they become part of. This summer, we hope to see some Buddies in action on a Buddymoon as they join you on your adventures!

Snap and share some pictures of your beloved Buddies getting in on the summer fun, whether it’s building a sandcastle, roasting marshmallows, or taking in the scenery during an early morning canoe ride.

Use your Embroider Buddy® for memory keeping

If you’d rather leave your Buddies at home for safekeeping during your summer adventures, they can still join in on the fun by helping you record your memories after the fact in a unique way.

If the zoo is on your list of places to visit this summer, embroider a Buddy to commemorate the day! Choose from Buddies you can also find at the zoo like LeRoy Leopard Buddy and Gerry Giraffe Buddy to help you record the date and details of your trip. Just unzip the back of your Buddy and remove the stuffing pod to make embroidery easy!

Best BuddiesOr perhaps you’ve planned a weekend getaway to the cottage and try a horse riding! Use the space on Howie Horse Buddy’s plush belly to record your favourite moments from your time spent in the wilderness. There are so many wonderful ways to help your summer memories live on forever when you pair them with an Embroider Buddy®!

How will you take a Buddymoon this summer? Be sure to share your Buddies and your summer memories with us on Twitter and Facebook!