A “Beary” Special Addition: Welcome Bobby Buddy Bear!Bobby Buddy Bear is the newest member of our Embroider Buddy® Family, and we couldn’t be happier to introduce you to him!

Bears typically live and travel alone, but sometimes they form ‘groups’ when food is plentiful in a small area. We can only imagine the fun that Benjamin Buddy Bear, Mister Buddy Bear and Billy Black Bear could get into!

Bears are smart, shy and can be excellent hiders and climbers. They come in all kinds of colours, shapes and sizes and can be found all over the world – sort of like our Buddies! When we think about bears, we often think about hibernation. Some bears can sleep for up to seven months!

Embroider Buddy® Bears CollectionOnce spring arrives, bears emerge from their dens with a big appetite, on the hunt for fish, berries, insects and nuts. But hibernation is not for all bears – in regions with warmer temperatures, bears can be found exploring year-round.

If you think Bobby Bear’s kind brown eyes and sweet smile are hard to resist, just wait until you get a feel of his soft, cozy fur! He comes in black and brown and measures at 16 inches tall just like our other loveable Buddies. With a plush and cuddly tummy, there’s lots of space to personalize Bobby for that special someone!

Embroider Buddy® - Bobby Buddy BearThe removable stuffing pod makes embroidery a breeze – just unzip and remove the pod to add your own creative touch. When finished, add the stuffing back in and close Bobby’s zipper to admire your work!

Is there someone “beary” special in your life who you think Bobby would be perfect for? Bobby Bear is available for pre-orders right away! Deliveries will begin in the early August.

Embroider Buddy® - Bobby Buddy BearLike all our other Buddies, we can’t wait to see the personal touches you add to make this Embroider Buddy® your own. Follow along with us on Facebook and Twitter for more sneak peeks and information about Bobby before launch!