Get Creative with Cuddle Pals and WhatzUpWithThat!® Bearwear

Have you had a chance to get to know our Cuddle Pals? If you haven’t, these adorable animals are sure to be a new favourite addition to your Embroider Buddy® collection!

Embroider Buddy® and Cuddle Pals

Cuddle Pals are made with the same thought and care that goes into our Buddies. With so many animals to choose from, you’re sure to find a Pal that best suits each of the loved ones in your life: giraffes, lions, elephants, raccoons and dogs are just some of the animals ready to come home with you!

Dress up your Cuddle Pals with WhatzUpWithThat!® Bearwear

Unlike our Buddies that you know and love, these pals are not embroidable – but they are just as cuddly and cute as the rest of our Embroider Buddy® family! WhatzUpWithThat!® Bearwear makes it easy to give your Pal some personality and add your own creative touch.

Choose from t-shirts, hoodies, bandannas, varsity jackets, grad gowns and even cheerleading outfits to celebrate any occasion! These tiny outfits can be embroidered or printed to help personalize your Pal. While not all Bearwear pieces fit our Buddies, all Bearwear pieces do fit our Cuddle Pals (except the Accessories). Dress them up or collect them as-is – the fun is all about making them your own! Check out our gallery on Facebook for some great ideas.

Cuddle Pals Embroider Buddy Bulldogs

We can’t wait to see what ideas you come up with for our Cuddle Pals and their WhatzUpWithThat!® Bearwear. Be sure to send us your pictures on Twitter and Facebook! What kinds of Bearwear would you like to see introduced to the Embroider Buddy® Family next? Leave us a comment below!