We’re Buzzing With Excitement for Missy Bumble Bee!Today we’re happy to “bee” introducing the newest addition to our Embroider Buddy® family, Missy Bumble Bee!

Cute and cuddly with black and yellow stripes, Missy is sure to become a fan favourite. Her button nose and sweet smile are simply irresistible! Missy comes with a removable stuffing pods to make it easy for you to add your own creative touch.

Special touch of our Missy Bumble Bee – the wings

But what makes Missy different from our other Buddies? Not only is her soft belly a perfect spot for your embroidered designs, so are her wings! Missy is available for pre-ordering. She’ll arrive at the end of June along with LeRoy Leopard, Rinaldo Raccoon and our new Dinosaurs.

Embroidable wings - Missy Bumble Bee BuddyBumblebees are small but mighty; they can travel incredible distances to collect pollen. Our ecosystem and our crops thrive because of bees. Enjoying our favourite foods like blueberries, avocados, cherries, cucumbers, almonds and apples would not be possible without these hardworking pollinators.

Meet our Missy Bumble Bee Buddy!In recent years, the health of our bees has drastically declined; fewer bees mean less natural pollination and fewer crops of our favourite foods. The good news is that we can all do our part to help save the bees: it’s as simple as planting a pesticide-free flower garden!

What do you think of the newest member of the Embroider Buddy® Family? Share your Missy Bumble Bee projects with us on Twitter and Facebook; we always love to see how you take our Buddies and make them your own!