Cecil Sea Lion BuddyPlease welcome our newest member to the Embroider Buddy® Family, Cecil Sea Lion Buddy – our first ever sea water Embroider Buddy®!

We love sea lions and are sure you will love our Cecil Sea Lion Buddy! With his big baby eyes, soft smile and cute little whiskers he is one irresistible pup.

Sea lions are often mistaken for seals, so in honour of our brand-new Buddy we want to set the record straight by telling you some recognizable sea lion traits. Sea lion pups like our Cecil are born with brown colouring which lasts for six months, making it a challenge for these pups to blend in water and hide from predators. Luckily, their mothers stay fervently close keeping pups safe from harm.

The most notable characteristic of a sea lion is their adorable “front flippers” known as their long fore flippers. They have a large chest and belly, and can walk on all fours; which explains their cute waddle of a walk. Sea lions are also known for eating massive quantities of food at a time, eating around 5-8% of their body mass and when your average male sea lion can weigh around 600lbs that comes out to 30-50lbs of food in one sitting!

Now of course with all that eating you must be thinking, don’t these animals get tired and they sure do. Sea lions are great at sleeping, so great that they can sleep both in and out of water, and either nap during the day or night. But, don’t think that sea lions only sleep and eat. These animals are excellent swimmers. They can swim at speeds of 20 – 40 km per hour and given their enormous size that is quite the accomplishment! Sea lions can also stay under water for 10 – 15 minutes at a time. No wonder they need to eat and sleep so much!

We are so excited to be introducing our first ever sea water Buddy and couldn’t be happier for it to be a sea lion pup! Naturally, Cecil Sea Lion Buddy is perfect to cuddle in our 16” size. He comes with a removable stuffing pod so you can easily create a custom machine embroidered design on our adorable Cecil Sea Lion Buddy.