Tip Tuesday WeddingWith the arrival of Spring; wedding bells start ringing and the newly engaged start to tick off the days until their big day. Wedding season has begun! Now whether it’s your own wedding or you’re invited to one, a custom Embroider Buddy® Pillow or adding a Whatzupwiththat!® Bearwear accessory to your gift is sure to stand out amongst the registered gift items.

Luckily for you, we have all the tips you need to create a one of a kind custom embroidered wedding design.

Embroidered Wedding Designs

1) Monogram it!

There’s no better way to customize than to monogram a design with the happy couple’s initials. This will create a truly unique design, made specifically for them, and that’s a bonus in everyone’s books. You may also wish to consider embroidering their names and wedding date as a special keepsake.Embroidery Designs for Weddings2) Keep it simple

Keep it simple, especially when it comes to a wedding inspired design. The focus should be on the couple, whether it’s their names machine embroidered onto an Embroider Buddy® Pillow  or our Buddies dressed for the special occasion , the design should aim to complement.Embroidery Designs for Weddings 3) Choose colours wisely

When it comes to choosing colours, find inspiration from a wedding invitation. If specific colours were used, create a design with those colours. Or if you really want to impress use the bride and groom’s favourite colours or those used in their wedding decor. Having trouble combining colours? Don’t be afraid to use different tints and tones, sometimes pure hues can compete too much in a design but, mixing them with a tint or a tone can allow colours to pair well with each other.

Embroidery Designs for Weddings4) Have fun!

Lastly, don’t forget to have fun with your design. Weddings can sometimes evoke curly lettering or more of a black-tie aesthetic but, don’t forget that weddings are and should be inspired by the couple. So, have fun, use less traditional typography add some pops of colour, let the couple inspire your design. After all that’s what truly makes it a unique embroidered gift!

Embroidery Designs for Weddings
We hope you find these tips helpful and, we’d love to see your beautiful wedding inspired embroidery! Make sure you share them with us on our
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