Unicorns Embroider Buddy

According to our sources, National Unicorn Day is on April 9th this year. Some debate as to whether or not Unicorn Day actually falls on the same day for everyone. It turns out that it may be celebrated on different in different locations. Regardless, in our books what better time to celebrate Unicorn Day then during Spring?

There really is something quite fascinating about unicorns, they are majestic, unique and truly beautiful creatures of fiction. Just like mermaids, unicorns sometimes make you wish they really did exist. Maybe it’s their beautiful spiraled horns, their long shiny manes or their pastel colouring. They exude grace while representing magic and wisdom, making them a rare mythical creature admired for centuries!

Meet our Unicorn Buddies – Violette and Whimsy

We love unicorns at Embroider Buddy® and think they make fantastic Buddies for those who believe in magic! Our Violette Unicorn Buddy comes in a soft violet colour with a cream white belly and a pointed spiraling horn. With satin paws and sparkly blue glass eyes this unicorn is sure to dazzle!

Violette Embroider Buddy

If you’re looking for a unicorn that’s a little more whimsical look no further than our Whimsy Unicorn Buddy. With a candy floss pink and cream coat, sparkly blue glass eyes, a spiraled horn, satin paws and a silky soft mane and tail this Unicorn Buddy is perfect for those who have a love for the whimsical.

Whimsy Embroider Buddy

Both Violette and Whimsy are available in our 16” Embroider Buddy® size and come with self-contained stuffing pods for the head and belly which are easily removable through a hidden zipper on the bottom of the unicorn. Get ready to work your embroidery ‘magic’ on these beauties!

Celebrate National Unicorn Day with us and show us the creative ways you’ve customized your unicorn buddies! We’d love to see the magical designs you’ve created.