Say Hello to Frederick Fox!

Have you met Frederick Fox Buddy yet? He’s part of the Embroider Buddy® Clara Classic Collection and his beautiful rustic orange fur and charming pointed ears makes this sly guy quite dashing and extremely cuddly!

Now, we know foxes have quite the reputation for being mischievous, but they really are quite the clever creatures. They can easily outsmart others and are resourceful; for the most part foxes have developed this ability because of their small size. Competing with bigger animals in the forest takes some brains!

A fox’s playground is the forest, with so many places for a fox to go no wonder our Frederick is always up for an adventure. He’s the best companion to take on trips to the playground or out in the backyard. He’s for the adventurous and the curious!

Frederick the Fox

Frederick comes in two sizes, the jumbo 22” or the standard 16”, but no matter which size you choose this guy is sure to be a soft and cuddly Buddy! With a soft round belly and a removable stuffing pod you can customize this adorable Buddy for just about anyone!

Check out how some of our talented customers have customized and created beautiful gifts with Frederick Fox.

Frederick Fox Buddies