National Puppy Day

Today we celebrate one of the most adorable and cuddly holidays of all: March 23 is National Puppy Day and if that doesn’t just make you melt than I don’t know if anything will! The best way to celebrate is to first go find a puppy to play with… or maybe bring one home! If you aren’t exactly ready for that kind of commitment one of our Embroider Buddy® pups will be the perfect substitute!

Pauley Puppy Dog is looking for a home!

Pauley Puppy

Pauley Puppy is quite the adorable little dog. With a soft cream coat and a distinct brown spot on his left eye this pup is a must have, must hold and must cuddle forever! Pauley is 16” and we can guarantee he won’t grow any larger! He is the perfect “pet” for a small child as he exceeds all safety standards and regulations. His big belly is also ready to be embroidered, perhaps for a “1st Birthday” celebration?

Parker Pug Puppy

Parker Pug

While some would say a pug has a face only a mother could love… we have to disagree! Parker Pug Buddy is irresistibly cute with his wrinkled up black snout, his adorable brown eyes, his perky ears… the list goes on! And don’t worry, unlike a “real” puppy, Parker won’t shed one hair. All the benefits of a puppy minus the clean up and vacuuming!

Buster Bulldog Buddy

Buster Bulldog

Don’t let that pout fool you, Buster Bulldog is quite the loveable pooch! His flip floppy ears and huge distinct brow and jowls make him unique and just so c-u-t-e. Bulldogs are described as being a self-sufficient, independent pet. Although, our Embroider Buddy® dogs require lots and lots of cuddles!

And last but not least is…

Dalton Buddy Dog

Dalton Buddy Dog

Our Dalton Buddy Dog has looong ears that hang all the way down low… so long you may even want to tie them in a bow! Dalton comes in both 16” and 22” sizes. His coat is especially soft and his eyebrows are particularly bushy. This only adds to his charm as once you see him you will not want to put him down!

How are you celebrating your puppy today? If you are looking for a last-minute gift why not try something homemade? These treats look absolutely delicious and can be enjoyed by humans and dogs!