A Great Printwear & Promotions Live Event

A few weeks ago, our distributor for the UK and Europe, Menno Kaper and his team from G&B packed their bags with a truckload of Embroider Buddy® stuffed animals and headed out to one of our favorite international cities Birmingham, England. It is here that we were able to participate in the annual Printwear & Promotions Live showcase and what a successful event it was!

Printwear & Promotions Live

Our Buddies are quite the jetsetters and were flattered by all of the international attention! Some stars of ours that stole the show were some of our brand new Dino Dinosaur Buddies, Pierce and Wendy. How could you resist these two?

This event is great for so many reasons, but in particular we love being able to get personal and face-to-face feedback from our loyal customers. Building that connection is what makes our company grow and meet the needs of all clients both new and old.

What Customers Had to Say

We got some fabulous feedback from many people who were introduced to our Buddies for the first time, including this one from Jo Darwesh:

“Another busy day was had at the P&P show, with plenty of stands to draw my attention. I was drawn to the Embroider Buddies® stand with its display of gorgeous animals all shouting “take me home”…well how could I resist?! The very fact that I could indeed take some home was great, its quite a unique concept to buy a selection on the day at a trade show. This has enabled me to try before I buy in effect, the quality fur used is just so super soft and they embroider so very easily fitting on my 6 needle machine with ease, no risk of hoops jumping here…fantastic! I’m now eyeing up my next furry friends to enable me to introduce Buddies to my customers.”

Jo Darwesh

Here are some great shots from the show!

Huggable Embroider Buddies

Our Embroider Buddies® are so huggable!


So easy to remove the stuffing pods

So easy to remove the stuffing pods… It makes embroidering easy as 1-2-3!


Our booth looked amazing

Our booth looked awesome!


Our booth looks great.


Did you attend the P&P 2017 showcase? What did you think?! Let us know in the comments below!