Fresh Easter Embroidery Ideas

Everyone knows the story of the tortoise and the hare. The hare was rushing, rushing, rushing to the finish line leaving him overwhelmed and exhausted! The tortoise took his time, preparing himself for the long journey ahead and knew that a little at a time goes a long way… or as we all know the saying, “Slow and steady wins the race!”

This story is fitting for this time of year because with the craziness of Christmas long gone, another big holiday is coming up that leaves us rushing, rushing, rushing with preparations and gifts! Don’t wait 'til the last minute for Easter this year. With a little under a month and a half to go, prepping a bit at a time leads to a happy and relaxing Easter.

We thought of some unique ways you can make this Easter especially pleasant!

Embroider Buddy® Chic Stocking

We have talked before about the different ways to use our chic stockings, they are not only for Christmas time! This is the perfect way to display your embroidery skills and also the best way to direct the Easter bunny to the right Easter “basket”. This sleek, cuff-less Easy as 1-2-3 Chic Stocking is perfect for custom embroidery with its elegant body! This product is 100% polyester and comes in many different colours so there is something for everyone.

Bella Buddy Bunny

Bella Buddy Bunny

A true symbol of Easter is of course the bunny rabbit! Bella Buddy Bunny is irresistible with her big floppy ears, her soft cream coat and her caring eyes. Hooping and embroidering on this buddy is oh-so-simple as her easy-to-remove stuffing pods are concealed by a hidden zipper at the bottom of the buddy. And don’t worry, they are safe for children as we exceed product safety standards!

Embroider Buddy® Pillow

Donna Embroidered Pillow

A great idea not only for Spring décor, but also an Easter celebration, is embroidering a special message on one of our Easy as 1-2-3 Embroider Buddy® pillows. With six different colours to choose from the combinations are endless.

Here are some festive messages you can embroider:

“May this year’s Easter bring you hope and joy.”

“Celebrate this Easter with a heart filled with peace, joy and cheer!”

And of course,

“Happy Easter”

So as much as Easter is all about the bunny, don’t wait until the last minute and rush, rush, rush like the hare! Slow and steady wins the race so start planning now to ensure a happy and relaxing Easter.

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