Love is in the Air at Embroider Buddy®

Ah, love is in the air! How can you not just LOVE Valentines’ Day?! For any age, it’s the perfect way to show just how much you care and appreciate your special someone. Today’s post is all about spreading the love and we have the perfect Embroider Buddy® for every LOVING message you want to convey.

Buddies for Valentine's Day

“And they call it puppy love”

Embroidered Puppy

Let’s start from the beginning. Do you remember your first crush? Young love is so exciting and innocent. “Puppy Love” by Donny Osmond is one of the best songs to listen to on Valentine’s Day. We are way past puppy love with our Pauley Puppy Dog Buddy, who makes the perfect V-Day gift when you are young (or feel young) and in love.

Have you met your partner for life?

Penguin Buddy

Did you know that when a penguin meets a partner they mate for life? Wow, what an inspiration as true love must really exist!

Have you found your soul mate yet? Pendrick Penguin Buddy holds a deeper meaning for those who feel they have met their one and only. And of course he makes a best friend for life. Embroidering “Will you be my penguin?” is a fun and cheeky message on his big round belly! Pendrick will be a buddy that your love will cherish forever.

Coming out of your shell

Shel Turtle Buddy

Do you have someone who brings out the best in you? That is of course what love is, right?! Shel Turtle Buddy is the best gift to give to those who really “bring you out of your shell”.

Love for your best friends

Embroidered MooMoo Buddy

Did you know that even cows have best friends? Valentine’s Day is not just for sharing your love with a significant other. If your BFF is your Valentine this year, which is totally acceptable, give them the gift of our black, white and adorable all over Moomoo Cow Buddy.

The Puuurfect Valentine’s Day Buddy

Claire Buddy Cat

Did you know when cats give you a rub with their head it means that they trust you? Trust is a huge part of love. And TRUST us, you will LOVE our Claire Buddy Cat. At 16 inches she has a beautiful ginger coat, perky ears, long tail with adorable whiskers. Do you have any puuuurfect Valentine’s Day messages to embroider on this Embroider Buddy®?

Do you have any Valentines Day plans?! It’s not too late if you have fallen behind! Here are some adorable and punny Valentine’s Day sayings that your loved one will just go wild over! With so many adorable Buddies, you’ll be able to embroider one of these sayings on your honey’s favourite furry friend in no time. Also, checkout these last minute DIY gift ideas that should take only 5 minutes or less!

Good Luck!