with Three New Additions to the Embroider Buddy® Family

Picture this.

It’s the year 3000 and the time machine has become the “gift of the year”. You decide on a family trip back… back… way back to the prehistoric era. Dinosaurs are fascinating! Nature has been untouched, pollution is non-existent and there are no electronics in sight. Sounds like paradise! You’ve already met Dino Dinosaur Buddy and now we’d like to introduce you to his friends…

Say hello to Pierce Dino Buddy

You step out of the time machine and look up to the deep blue sky and see your first dinosaur. Wow! That is not your typical seagull or pigeon! Pierce Dino Buddy is soaring through the air with his turquoise and blue coat spreading his wings wide. This Pterosaur has mystical colours and an adorable tail that gives him balance, length and strength. Although technically not a dinosaur, they are often referred to as “flying dinosaurs”.

Pierce Dino Buddy

Who’s that over there? It’s Tommie Dino Buddy!

Staying at the local cave? At the crack of dawn, you wake up to a massive reptile walking by. You immediately recognize the T-Rex by his enormous body and his teeny tiny arms. Our Tommie Dino Buddy is a striking orange colour. With a smile as big as his personality Tommie is the perfect Buddy for those who are interested in the prehistoric era. His arms may be small but that doesn’t mean he doesn’t love to be hugged!

Tommie Dino Buddy

Make friends with the beautiful Wendy Dino Buddy

With a head that resembles a crown you were taken aback by the beautiful Wendy Dino Buddy. Her coat is a mosaic of purples, pinks and violets and her pink crown makes her the queen of the prehistoric era! Her light pink horns may make her look tough, but she is truly one of the softest and sweetest buddies around. Fun Fact: We named this dinosaur in honour of Wendy Sloboda who had discovered the fossil of this dinosaur and subsequently had it named after her. How cool is this wendiceratops!

Wendy Dino Buddy

We are so excited to welcome these awesome dinosaurs to our Embroider Buddy® family, and they are happy to join our herd of other ancient creatures. We look forward to seeing how you personalize each and every one! Like all of our new buddies, our dinosaurs will be available for pre-order soon with shipping this spring / summer (details to follow soon).

Come say hello to these new prehistoric buddies at the 2017 VDTA/SDTA Convention & Show in Las Vegas

Embroider Buddy® will be in the city that never sleeps from February 12-14, 2017 at the VDTA/SDTA Convention & Show, Las Vegas Convention Center. We will be premiering all our new, recent and much-loved products at the show, including Pierce, Tommie and Wendy Dino buddies. They’re looking forward to meeting their friends from the future!