Staging Your Embroider Buddy

Embroidery is a work of art. It takes a lot of time, effort, precision and care. Just like a painting or sculpture your work of art should be showcased! One of the most entertaining ways to show off your Embroider Buddy® is by staging them and then taking beautiful photos to post online. It’s all about presentation!

On this Tip Tuesday we are bringing you our top 6 staging hacks to make your Embroider Buddy® creation shine:

1. Backdrop

A great backdrop is essential when staging your Embroider Buddy®. The backdrop creates the environment for the subject and therefore, sets the mood.

Embroider Buddy Staging Backdrop

2. Props

Adding props to your Embroider Buddy® images will give your buddies more character! Have you embroidered a buddy for your little slugger? A glove and a baseball would be a great addition to the photo… how adorable!
Embroider Buddy Backdrop

3. Lighting

Lighting is crucial in photography. You want the subject to be visible and highlighted. Here are some basic lighting tricks you can learn before the photo-shoot begins.

4. Dress Up

Dressing up your stuffed animal is half the fun! While you added your own flair by embroidering names or designs, an outfit is a great touch! Checkout our Whatzupwiththat!® Bearwear collection for some adorable looks.
Embroider Buddy Staging Dress Up

5. Placement

Location, location, location! What is your Embroider Buddy® stuffed animal up to? Is she celebrating Christmas? Are they reading a book? Sitting down at a tea party? Place your buddy in a fun setting and give them some action.

6. Display Rack

One is the loneliest number. Here at Embroider Buddy® we celebrate the philosophy of “the more the merrier”. With an awesome display rack, you can showcase all of your Embroider Buddy® designs! Great for pillows and buddies alike, this is the perfect way to display your designs. You also have the opportunity to order both the rack and more Embroider Buddy® products. Contact us for more information!

Display rack

Over the years we have seen so many creative staged photos from our Embroider Buddy® customers. Be sure to share your photos on our Facebook, Pinterest and Twitter page and you can be included in our customer gallery.

I hope these tips help!