Perfect Cure for Winter Blues

Did you know that laughter is the BEST medicine? Sometimes, all you need is a good fit of the giggles to brighten your mood. With winter in full force the dreary days can get you down so I was trying to think of a funny embroidery joke that would have everyone in stitches…but I could knot! I was “hooping” some of my funniest animal friends from the Embroider Buddy® Collection could assist me with some funnier jokes. Here are some of the laughs they came up with:

Okie Owl Buddy

This owl is a HOOT! Okie Owl Buddy has adorable wide eyes and soft brown fur. He is 16” of love and apparently full of laughter!
Don't Call Me

Cute Animal Puns


Claire Buddy Cat

Claire Buddy CatWith a ginger coat, perky ears, long tail and cute whiskers Claire Buddy Cat is a bundle of joy. She is also a big fan of “knock, knock” jokes. These are the purr-fect way to get a laugh.

Knock, Knock!
Who’s there?
Furry who?
It’s your Furry Godmother, hurry up, you’re late!


Knock, knock!
Who's there?
Hans who?
Hans off my kitten!


Elford Elephant Buddy

embroider buddy® – Elford Elephant Buddy

Elford Elephant Buddy has a nickname… his Embroider Buddy® pals refer to him as Elford EleFunny! Elford, and his pals Ellie and Elliott, come in grey, baby blue and baby pink. At 16” it makes him the perfect huggable, squeezable size.

Why does an elephant wear sneakers?
So that he can sneak up on mice!

What do you call an elephant that doesn't matter?
An irrelephant.

What's big and grey and wears a mask?
The elephantom of the opera!




Be sure that today isn’t your only day of laughter, because laughter can help you live longer and lead a much fuller life! I hope these jokes have brought a smile to you and have brightened up your darker winter days. Do you have a joke you would like to share? Comment Below!