Cozy Winter Whatzupwiththat! Bearwear®

It’s a new year and time for a new look! We would like to think that winter is coming to an end after such a lovely holiday season, but as we know it has only just begun. It’s time to hunker down and cozy up for the long winter ahead.

Your most reliable cuddling partner during these chilly months is going to be a super soft stuffed animal or a favorite doll. Seeing as though you’ve been bundling up, its only fair to outfit your winter cuddle buddy with their own set of cozy winter wear.

Here we have some of our favorite outerwear:

The Knit Sweater

This adorable Knit Sweater* is a necessary layer for your stuffed animals or doll. The 100% acrylic material makes it the perfect canvas for a personalized embroidery message. This sweater comes in many sizes and colours including white, baby blue, red, pink and cream. There is a colour for everyone!
The Knit Sweater

Varsity Letterman Jacket

The Varsity Letterman Jacket* is not just for high school athletes, it’s actually all the rage on the catwalk these days. This jacket is the ideal cover up for any bear or doll sizes 10-18 inches. It comes in many colours, so whether it’s a gift for your future NFL-er or an aspiring fashionista, the Letterman Jacket is the perfect winter accessory.
Varsity Jacket

The Hoody

The classic Hoody* should be a staple in everyone’s closet. Cozy, reliable, comforting a hoody is the perfect pajama, loungewear, active wear etc. A hoody for your bear or doll is easy to customize and is perfect for every season!
The HoodyAll of our Whatzupwiththat!® Bearwear products are easy to embroider yourself, or we can customize them for you! Click here for more information.

How you decide to accessorize your favorite stuffed animal or doll in the cold weather this year is up to you, but be sure to stay warm! Which outerwear option would you choose for your cuddling partner?

*Please note, the items above fit many stuffed animals and dolls but not Embroider Buddy® products.