Embroider Buddy Tea Time

You are cordially invited to an Embroider Buddy® Afternoon Tea Party

Dress Code: Fancy! Afternoon tea is the perfect time to show off your classiest dress. Look towards the Royal Family for inspiration. Nothing says fancy tea party like the many different styles of hats, formally known as fascinators, worn by the royals and the always classically dressed Kate Middleton. For your Embroider Buddy® companion check out our Whatzupwiththat Bearwear® collection. The pink tutu and bow set will look absolutely adorable on your Embroider Buddy® or other stuffed animal. And don’t forget a black bowtie or necktie for your little fella.

The Perfect Cup of Tea: Besides having the company of good friends, the reason for this gathering is of course the tea! As a central focus it is important that you get the brewing just right. Here are some suggestions:

  1. Brewing time is vital! Different types of tea require different setting times.
  2. The best type of tea cup to serve your tea in is porcelain.
  3. Mineral water will make all the difference. It gives your cup of tea a much softer taste verse tap water.

For more tea tips check out Chef Jamie Oliver’s “How-to” Page.

The Food Menu: Our favourite Embroider Buddy® chef is whipping up (literally) a delicious tea time treat.

Lion Chef

Today’s menu will feature a strawberry shortcake, with lots of cream on top! We also have some holiday treats here.

Martha Stewart - Classic Strawberry Shortcake

Source: MarthaStewart.com

The Guest List: You + one of your favourite Embroider Buddy® friends. Buddy Bunny loves a nice cup of tea with two spoonfuls of sugar. While Elford Elephant Buddy likes only a touch of tea and a whole lot of milk.

Tea Time: Afternoon

Traditionally, afternoon tea was served as a light pick-me-up in the afternoon for the upper class before a late dinner. The term “High Tea” was derived from the lower to middle class having their tea even later, and “high” refers to the height of the dinner table.

A tea party is such a classic, and fun, way to get together with your friends. It is a great idea for a kid’s birthday party, to celebrate a wedding engagement, or to just catch up with old friends.

Happy sipping!