Show and Tell: The Clara Classic Collection®

Show and Tell was one of my favourite activities in grade school. Everyone brought in something meaningful to them and were able to share it with the class. But, why let the kids have all the fun?! Today, I thought I would share something special to me.

The Clara Classic Collection® has some of our softest and most cuddly Embroider Buddy® stuffed animals. I launched this collection in March 2016 in honour of my late mother, Clara, so this collection holds a lot of meaning for me. There are 7 members of this collection but today for “show and tell” I’m presenting you with three adorable buddies:

Dalton Buddy Dog

With a low-pile plush coat, his big floppy ears and adorable Nose, Dalton Buddy Dog is one Embroider Buddy® that you will never want to put down. Our Dalton Buddy comes in two sizes! The 16˝ Dalton is just right size, but we think the 20˝ is even better.

Dalton Buddy Dog

Claire Buddy Cat

Claire Buddy Cat has the sweetest whiskers on her creamy snout. Her ginger coat is super soft and huggable making her the perfect sleeping buddy. Claire’s hidden zippers reveal easy to remove stuffing pods that allow for seamless hooping and embroidering.

Claire Cat

Mason Buddy Moose

While most Moose grow to around 8´ tall, our Mason Buddy Moose is only 16˝ to 20˝ tall. For the moose lovers out there Mason is the perfect compromise. His antlers are just as grand, but much softer. His lush cream coat and big round belly make the perfect canvas for embroidering and customizing.

Mason Moose Buddy

The Clara Classic Collection® is one near and dear to my heart. Each buddy in the collection makes the perfect gift for someone special as they are easily customizable. When you go the extra mile, and create something unique for someone, it truly shows how much you care and appreciate them. I hope you enjoy this special Embroider Buddy® collection as much as I do!