Holiday Desserts

The holidays are always full of friends, family, fun and of course… lots of food! We’ve enlisted the help of a couple of our Embroider Buddy® chefs, who love to whip up a few yummy baked goods, to share their favorite holiday dessert recipes. Each buddy has their own taste, but they are all certified Embroider Buddy® Culinary experts (or so we say).

Elford Elephant Buddy

Everyone knows how elephants love their peanuts… and Elford Elephant Buddy is no exception! He likes to add a salty peanut crunch to everything he eats, including his speciality dessert. His favorite recipe is the Peanut Butter Ritz cookies. Elford eats these by the hand… I mean trunkful!

Elford Elephant with Chef HatBella Buddy Bunny

Bella is strictly vegetarian and loves to munch on fresh produce from the garden. You can tell because her plush coat shines! During the holidays her favorite guilty pleasure is a carrot cake of course. Sticking with her clean diet, she likes to put a healthy twist on this classic. She follows this recipe from Vegan Society.

Bella Bunny Chef
Monty Monkey Buddy

This monkey goes B-A-N-A-N-A-S over Jamie Oliver’s banana cake. This moist cake is a twist on a breakfast favorite, making it fancy enough to wow a holiday party crowd. Compliments to the 16˝ Embroider Buddy® chef. With an adorably mischievous smile, brown and tan coat Monty Monkey Buddy is a best friend for life.

Monty Monkey as a chef

The Whatzupwiththat® bearwear chef hat makes every Embroider Buddy® look and feel like a culinary genius. The chef hat and scarf is the perfect outfit for all of our Embroider Buddy’s and is a great gift for your future chef!

Chef Buddy

Bon Appetit!

Perfect Gift for a Chef

Lion Chef