Doctor Bobby Bear and Brady Scrub BearDid someone call the doctor? Three cheers for the superheroes in disguise (scrubs). Being a doctor is one of the hardest occupations out there. After four years as an undergrad, four years in medical school and then to top it off 3-7 years of residency—wow, this job is most certainly not for everyone! We salute these exceptionally hard workers for everything they do and have the perfect pair of Embroider Buddy® stuffed animals from our WhatzUpWithThat!® Bearwear collection to celebrate the doctor in our life.

Brady Scrub Bear

This adorable 7” Brady Scrub Bear has come prepared with his scrubs already on! Available in both green and blue, Brady’s scrubs are customizable. Do you know a recent medical school graduate? A heartfelt “congratulations” is easy to embroider right on his scrubs.

Brady Scrub Bear

Doctor Bobby Bear

Our Doctor Bobby Bear rocks his green scrubs. At 12” he is “beary” huggable. His friendly eyes, adorable snout, and button nose is absolutely irresistible. His scrubs are also easily removable, so embroidering a special message on them will be a piece of cake (or healthy slice of fruit).Doctor Bobby Bear

Also from Whatzupwiththat!® Bearwear is the hospital hat and mask set. This set will fit great on your Embroider Buddy® and is available in both blue and green.


These adorable and intelligent buddies are the perfect gift for a future medical school graduate, a thoughtful thank you to your own doctor, or as a huggable buddy during a stay at the hospital. The Embroider Buddy® scrub set is easy to remove and customizable making Doctor Bobby Bear and Brady Scrub Bear the perfect personalized gift that can be cherished forever.