Blankey BuddiesAs the days are getting shorter and the nights are getting longer the cozy Winter season is here! For some, cuddling by the fire is the most peaceful way to pass the time, and for others it’s just necessary for warmth as they long for the sunny days of summer. Regardless of seasonal preference the one thing every little one needs in the winter is a blanket.

Our 20” blankey buddies make the perfect winter pal.

Embroider Buddy® – Blankey Buddy Okie Owl

Blankey Buddy Okie Owl

Blankey Buddy Okie Owl is one baby soft blanket “who who” you would never want to put down. How can you resist those big expressive eyes?

Embroider Buddy® – Blankey Buddy Bunny

Blankey Buddy Bunny

This blankey won’t “hop” away from your cold winter touch. This bunny’s large print polyester heart is the perfect place to embroider the initials of someone you love! Blankey Buddy Bunny has a soft white coat perfect for warming up frozen fingers and toes!

10314459_1220859691277089_4908576498594345328_nEmbroider Buddy® – Blankey Buddy Monty Monkey

Blankey Buddy Monty Monkey

When your little monkey is tired from a long day, who better to keep them company than our Blankey Buddy Monty Monkey! Monty is 20” of warmth and love. His large blanket buddy is the perfect canvas to embroider a special message.


The holiday season is around the corner! Embroider Buddy® can help you make this year’s gifts extra special for you and your customers. Taking the time to embroider personalized messages, names and pictures really gives meaning to the saying: “It’s the thought that counts”.

How will you be customizing Blankeys this season? Have a look at our Facebook Customer Gallery for some inspiration.