shel turtle buddy

Today I am excited to announce that our Embroider Buddy® family has grown! I am pleased to introduce our newest buddy…

Wait for it…

How about you take a guess! Here are some hints:

  1. Some people think he’s a bit slow but he was faster than the hare.
  1. His house follows him wherever he goes.
  1. He has two shells, not one like most people think.

Did you figure it out?!

Welcome Shel Turtle Buddy!

Shel Turtle Buddy All Sides

He has been a little bit slow in coming but hey, you cannot rush a turtle. Sheldon, whom we affectionately call “Shel”, is one handsomely cute fellow. His mink-like soft exterior is in a gorgeous pattern inspired by a turtle’s intricate shell. His eyes are an iridescent shiny green black perfect for peeking out to you. His little hint of a smile says, “I’m here and ready for my hug!”

Shel our 16-inch buddy will be available end of November. Shel Turtle Buddy is one reptile with super soft fur instead of scaly skin, perfect for a snuggle.

What do you think is a perfect message for Shel’s belly?