Holiday Hostess Gift Ideas

Winter is considered the season of giving. With holiday parties filling up on everyone’s schedule it can be hard to come up with thoughtful gifts for hosts and hostesses. We always suggest embroidering gifts because it always makes each one unique and personal. We hope you enjoy our top suggestions for gifts to give holiday party hosts and hostesses this year.

Our Holiday Hostess Gift Picks

A Christmas Stocking

Embroidering a special message onto one of our many coloured stockings is a great gift for a holiday party hostess. We have many different style options, whether you prefer something more tradition our Easy as 1-2-3! Christmas Stocking or a more fashion forward with our chic stocking collection. The 19” embroidery canvas is perfect for embroidering a name, message or design! By making each stocking unique it will also help Santa fill up each one correctly ;). 

Decorative Pillows

A holiday pillow can easily transform a room from basic to festive with some fun seasonal embroidery. From a Christmas tree pattern to a lyric from a classic Christmas carol or other holiday images, the Embroider Buddy® pillow comes in many colours such as pink lady, red, blue topaz, grey, black and oatmeal. This pillow is 14” by 14” and is a big enough canvas for you to get personal and creative with your embroidery!

Decorative Embroidered Pillows

Santa Hat

Santa Baby! Our Randy Reindeer Buddy and Sonny Snowman Buddy are the perfect Embroider Buddy® stuffed toys for celebrating the Christmas holiday. To really get your host/hostess into the party spirit or bring a gift for their kids, add our easy as 1-2-3! Christmas Hats on top of these Embroider Buddy® heads. These buddies are sure to be the life of the holiday party!

It’s never too early for you or your customers to start getting ahead on gifts… the holiday season is fast approaching!