5 Reasons We Love Plush Animals: with Benjamin Buddy Bear, Mason Buddy Moose, and Claire Buddy Cat Embroidery Buddy® Plush Animals

Here at Embroider Buddy® we think that everyday should be National Plush Animal Lover’s Day. We love to celebrate our buddies all the time and we understand the importance of our ‘best friend for life’. Not only do we have many varieties such as Benjamin Buddy Bear, Mason Buddy Moose, and Claire Buddy Cat but we’ve also made them easily customizable so you can create your own style! They bring so much joy to everyone big or small, a stuffed plush Embroider Buddy® is the best gift of all!

What makes them so wonderful? Here’s our top five reasons why we love these plush animals:

1. Best Friends for Life

Plush animals (or stuffies) are your best friends for life. We often receive our first teddy bear at a young age and soon they become a constant companion. They hold so many shared memories with you and they always become a special memento.

2. Super Huggable

Plush animals are so soft, who wouldn’t want to give them a big hug! Did you know that hugging is scientifically proven to make you happier? It strengthens your immune system and helps release fears. Check out 10 more of these cool facts here.

3. Good Listeners

After a long day, sometimes all you need is someone to talk to, who will just listen. A stuffed animal will be there to let you talk it out, whether you are eight and had a bad day at school, or 25 and had a bad day at work.

4. Easy to Tote Around (well for the most part)

Have a long flight ahead? Stuck in a car ride with siblings? Do you remember having to wait for your mom at her hair appointment feeling completely bored and alone? One is always the loneliest number! Cue the plush stuffed animal to keep you company.

5. Unique to You

Plush animals are always so wonderful. But, at Embroider Buddy® we have found a way to make your stuffed animals even better. Our stuffed plush animals are easily customizable so that your Embroider Buddy® is made unique and just for you!

Plush animals are the most reliable of all friends and it’s important that we give our buddies some recognition. Share with us below your favorite memory with your plush animal pal.